Saturday, July 4, 2015

"PROCESS", My First Showing As A Visual Artist In Europe

A new group exhibition in Asturias Spain is going to start next week, on 10th July, and will end on 21st august. 

I will partiate in it with my latest series of work called "Grammatical Luxation" that I made last year,  by using Japanese old porn novel. I tried deconstruct and reconstruct meta-structure of the original sentences through the strictly defined processes.  The series has 7 sets that have 81 sheets each. This time, the 1/7 will be showed there. The work made through processes is the most important keyword on this exhibition as you already know. The curator Jaime Rguez defines it in unusual word "processual".  

Please visit the website of the exhibition here.

Unfortunately, there is Spanish only but I put the introduction  in English from the press release I got before: 

The very creation of the artwork and, ultimately, every step occurred in the process ofcreative genesis and by inserting work into space and its relationship with the rest ofthe pieces on display, add and enrich the proposals that finally the viewer perceives.This issue focuses this exhibition project in collaboration: a great hybrid installationon which coexist various issues and where abundant use of new technologies and theinteraction of a large number of plastic, sound, textual, audiovisual disciplines as wellas the low and the high tech.Process authors of the members come from different geographies and interests, butsurprised to find multiple links between them. So, from our most immediateenvironment we find parts Emma Bi, Nel Caamaño, Virginia López, BenjamínMenéndez, César Naves, self Jaime Rodríguez and his work in collaboration withMind Revolution (Eugenia Tejón & Angel González) and uh513 (María Castellanos& Alberto Valverde). Meanwhile the national circuit, come Julio Mediavilla, JesusNido and Eugenio Rivas. Finally, form the international representation the Brazilianartist Marcelo de Melo and the Japanese artist Yoshihiro Kikuchi. 

Anyways, I feel an honor to be involved to this. Thank you Jaime Rguez for inviting me and giving a great opportunity. 

The above logo design by Jaime Rguez. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

New Tape with Vomir from GERÄUSCHMANUFAKTUR.

A new tape made with French noise artist Vomir who is a godfather of "harsh noise wall" has been released on german label Geraeuschmanufaktur. I also made other collaboration with him in the past, as a drummer on his materials (Then, he did it as his another name Roro Perrot, a ultra shit folk singer). You can see the 7 inch record on his bandcamp. It's titled "ROROMANTIQUE". My freaky drumming is featured throughout side B. 

This time, I programmed 2 beats by being inspired by extreme metal. Side A features death metal-ish downtempo double kick. And side B has black metal-ish blast beats. They has atmosphere like dark dub mix. The both sides have unchangeable "static" noise that are over 19 minutes straight each.  It can be said ritualistic trance. You should be soaked into the sonic pool in maximum volume.

You can hear the sounds and can get the album digitally HERE, the physical tape as well.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A short description about my recent art works

I wrote this description afresh for English profile as an artist by organizing and translating some Japanese texts I wrote etc.  


Kikuchi’s works spreading out various styles* such as drawing, collage, painting and installation have been principally made on the following concepts:

  1.  a posteriori disorganization of traditional pan-language system by reference of linguistic theory (by extension, extraction of universal common structure in language phenomena, and its deconstruction).
  2.  ‘eroticism’ into (1) as interposition/interference.
  3.  applying ‘indeterminacy’ to (1) and (2). 
  4.  elimination of own direct physicality, and extension of the indirect physicality on actions in (1), (2), and (3). 
  5.  observation and fundamental re-examination of social institution by (1), (2), (3), and (4).  

Stated differently, these are intended to deconstruct values in social institutions (defined as classes of language issues) and institutional coverups (defined as classes of non-language issues which consist of eroticism and violence et cetera). He defines these subjects to deconstruct as the mankind's innate matters.  

Now the works via this way of conceptual setting and expression, can be related to various contemporary art contexts in terms of 'modernism**’, but they are created with literal making processes as new criticism which would throw out the contexts to further relativizing through his inner nihilism. The processes completing with bringing in indeterminacy of automatism, random digits, and the foregoing physical elimination/extension, are due to skepticism toward trivialized personal aesthetic decision. Moreover, hopefully those works will construct radically-new linguistic structure.

*various styles - In addition, he has music activities in experimental music scene as solo and international collaborated works. 

**modernism - However, Kikuchi knows that Japanese have never experienced modernism, thus there is no post-modernism in this country. It's ironically Japan's exclusive historical characteristic. This is Japan’s cultural (also political) illness that should be resolved urgently. The anarchic variations of his expression has come from the reason in a way.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

My new art book "No-title" has published in 2012

My new art book "No-Title" - exactly it has the title with mathematical formula. But it's difficult to display... - has been published on a Tokyo based independent publisher called Tycoon Books, in edition of 150 copies as first pressing.
The book consists of my art works which were made in 2006 - 2012. It means this is my first grand sum as an artist. I'm proud of this publishing though its small edition. All copies are hand numbered and signed by myself.
You can buy a copy from the publisher's website or me directly. Send me an email(address is on my profile section. Click "CONTACT") if you are interested. Or you can buy on the publisher website. Visit the publisher's site from the above link and see the sample photos on there. It's very very well-designed! 

Detailed information:
A5(148mmx210mm) | 40 pages + cover | Full color digital print 
First edition of 150 copies, 2012 | ISBN 978-4-9906628-0-6

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Featured on the French online magazine

My latest C26 cassette tape "One Intensely Eats Up Another Economic Principle" released on Fragment Factory, is featured on the French online magazine "le son du grisli". On the same section, there are really great releases of Daniel Menche, GX Juppiter Larsen/Muennich (this 7" is also released Fragment Factory ), and one of most talented Japanese musicians Keiichi Sugimoto's Filfra. Filfla has very sensitive and beautiful sound layers with beats. So to be featured my music with his on the same section is surprising but really nice for me. That's simply great, the editor did cool though the description is bizarre.

The review with strange words is the following:

Yoshihiro Kikuchi : One Intensely Eats Up Another Economic Principle (K7 Fragment Factory, 2012)
Voilà bien deux faces qui ne se ressemblent pas. Sur la première, Yoshihiro Kikuchi jongle avec des bruits sur la cadence d’une machine grippée qui crache mais qui envoie… le bois. Sur la deuxième, la fantaisie perd de l'intérêt avant qu’une guitare (enfin ! une guitare !) et des reverses s’épousent, garces, avec une vraie grâce. Je conseille donc une cassette, mais la cassette est déjà épuisée. (pc)

Friday, September 14, 2012

New exhibition has started

My new solo exhibition started from September 1st at AISHO MIURA ARTS in Shibuya/Tokyo. It will have been held for a month, until September 30th. 
The title is "Nullized Layers Inside The Institutional Coverups 1".
I show you the diagram of my thought about the title.
The large "INSTITUTE" and "LANGUAGE" are indicated as general idea I think. They the abstractions are defined each other, it means the one can't exist without another. LANGUAGE makes INSTITUTION and INSTITUTION enlarge the LANGUAGE functions. The small typed "languages" and "institutions" mean individual languages and institutions that are in largest classes written with large letters. Besides, coverups mean zillion hidden matters in the individual 'concrete' languages = institutions. And 'Nullize' means attempts to take the meaning/values off from original contexts to deconstruct the individual institutions and finally the largest INSTITUTION through the attempts posteriori.
I set the my these thoughts as an above (see photo) mathematical formula briefly.
And I wrote a statement for this time exhibition.


The statement is:
In recent years, I have defined my creative activities as deconstruction of various coverup matters which are inside INSTITUTION , in other words reason = phenomena threatening public order that are ensured by LANGUAGE activities (for instance, erotic behaviors and violent desires) and with observing de-mean-ization elicited from it, will explore the limit and possibilities of dismantlement of our reasonable order (which means, to predicate the both sides of the limitation -between reasonable and unreasonable fields-) and attempt in stages to slip new values into the structure in multilayer, which value has deprived.
In this exhibition, as the previous step of these attempts, to predicate the value of languages, I will observe denial functions of the adjacent or opponent intellections with criterial arbitrary denotation (segment of languages and its value and display) in a new series of works of “Painted Negativity” which I employed a format of painting as one of a method.

I have an one more great news. My new art book under the title the same title that is above formula (it's not able to write here...) has been published on an independent publisher called Tycoon Books. 
You can see and purchase it on here the TYCOON BOOKS website. The displayed title "no-title" is simply for convenience for the same reason.
I don't have the photos of the book, but it's amazingly well designed! 42 color pages with special cover that is folded large poster printed with silver ink! The cover has the English text I wrote on the second surface. 
I signed and numbered all copies of first edition of 150.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Got a new review

The one of my latest cassette tape releases got a new (it's far nicer than the last one...) review, on the blog called "Dead Formats".

There are huge amount of reviews of multi-audio formats - cassette tapes, vinyls, CDs, DVDs, and VHS. The reviewer writes  brief but precise reviews. And the reviewer says that he(she?) would buy or not at last of the reviews. I found he runs small label "Dead Accents" in Seattle. Looks very nice label. I guess he says that he would buy or not from his perspective as a label owner. Concerning my tape "One Intensely Another Economic Principle", he says YES! Also he says the number of edition of 66 is not enough! Really great to read it! SO NICE!!! He says my tape has worth to be listened by more people!

Read the review here:

And visit the label Dead Acccents' webshop here:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The 2 cassette tapes photos and detailed infos

Here are the scanned pictures of the 2 cassette tape I mentioned last post.

BRYAN LEWIS SAUNDERS / Stream of Unconscious Vol.5 (cassette tape w/ 21page booklet)

Ltd. Ed. C90 Chrome Cassette
Published by: Stand-Up Tragedy Records
Vocals by Bryan Lewis Saunders
Music by Yoshihiro Kikuchi & Christopher Fleeger
Art and Design by Alice Salyer
Edition of 80
Comes with 21 page booklet of text
1 - Yoshihiro Kikuchi "White Surrealist Nihilismus" - 44:45
2 - Christopher Fleeger "Revenge of the Dolphins" - 44:06

YOSHIHIRO KIKUCHI / One Intensely Eats Up Another Economic Principle (cassette tape)

Ltd. Ed. C26 Cassette tape
Edition of 66
A1 - Past Age Healing Hair Saloon - 7:38
A2 - Demons Calculation - 5:13
B1 - Underwear Passion - 7:38
B2 - Kids Land Parking Off - 5:04

This tape got a strange review on Vital Weekly 823. The reviewer wrote self-considered observation about the concept I set and how I made, referred my liner note inside the sleeve. It's really strange text that is referring computer science including numerical matters like bit calculations, philosophy, and music criticism's boundary? They the topics are a bit deviated. Again, it's strange, but simply interesting in a viewpoint of like watching concrete poetry. So, we can also decipher it into like "dadaistic" letters construction.

Read/watch the following dadaistic letters:

"Kikuchi’s recordings were made in response to glitches and errors in software on an Apple computer in reading or converting between audio stored in .WAV format and .AIFF format, the two being (almost) the standard audio file format for Microsoft and Apple respectively. Kikuchi doesn’t say which software or precisely the actual details of the files, for both formats can store sound in various sample rates and formats. Details of these are found in the files (header) from which software can detect the number of channels, sample rate and sample size. This is a labyrinthine world of technical and so techie delight, but one with both philosophy, metaphysics, and surreal
humor. For instance a likely source of the error could be Apple’s changing its format from big-endian to little-endian. In simple terms which end of an address (here its data I know) is the most important. So is little-end (ian) because you are smaller than hotmail, or wonderfully child’s myname, my street, my town, my country, the world, the solar system , the galaxy the universe. Compare that to the Big endian 1,000,000 – where the 1 is Big, though wiki says that in big endian the first byte, lowest in address is the biggest, and gives Arabic numerals as an example, because I assume 1,000,000 is where we address memory 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, so 1 is in position 1, this is confusing because one might assume the end is position 7 and not 1. The article goes on to explain this has caused bugs!* And just before anyone goes completely insane, the terms little and big endian – wait for it- come from Gulliver’s travels where the two nations (Lilliput and Blefuscu) go to war over which end of the egg goes into the egg cup, the big end or little, or is it which end sticks up… I think I should get back to the review but with Kikuchi’s help I’ve established that the world of so called logic and computer science is far more otiose - ontologically (love it!) than anything those French post-modernists could dream up – well, maybe not, but certainly someone is giving someone a run for their money. *For my part rather than “think” I tend to try each end (when programming!) and listen to the result, see I’m an Englishman and at heart an empiricist, even if I try my hardest I cant go metaphysical for love or money. Perhaps the Japanese share the English sense of empiricism, Gulliver was you see written by an Irishman, as was Finnegan’s wake, though I’m enamored of Deleuze’s transcendental (or is it transcendent- :-) Ha! There’s a BIG difference ….. empiricism…. And so infinite virtualities… but empirically an audio sample (which is a two byte signed integer) say +303 would be stored as 2F 01, or 47 256 (2F is hex 2x16 + 15) or 0101111 00000001 which is 47 + 256 = 303. The 2F is the least significant byte, the 01 the most significant… in binary 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128 in the first byte 256,512,1024… in the second byte, so 1 x 256 (from the second byte) + 32+8+4+2+1 = 47 (from the first) = 256 + 47 = 303 so empirically we know that if 303 is stored as 2F 01 then the system is using little endian. Obviously we need to know a priori that our number is 303, then the endian format becomes obvious or “visible”, tangible and no more a theoretic object. And this is no more irrelevant than a review of classical music which uses such terms as C sharp, as in “what does C sharp sound like?” – what does this cassette sound like, sounds like a possible endian conversion error in PCM data. And as such a review exceeds any subjective impression in giving an empirical fact, representation of the work, could then be criticized as, and this is true, saying nothing at all, but being a mere doubling, as if I am nothing more than a cassette recorder. Surly (even) any realist can see a mistake here? (jliat)"

Friday, February 24, 2012

2 cassette releases available now

My new releases are available now in cassette tape format. I love the format because of the objective existence and the physical structure consists of plastic box and cassette with various colors and variable sleeves.

One is from the series called "Stream of Unconscious" of a conceptual artist Bryan Lewis Saunders. The series has been composed from total 24 musicians/sound makers' split 12 volumes of cassette tapes that has been made with Bryan's sleeping words. But please note that's not only just sleep talking. They have all concrete concepts and context. I think that's really amazing matter!
Mine has come out as Vol.5 split with Christopher Fleeger's "Revenge of the Dolphins". The title of my side is "White Surrealist Nihilismus". Each sides have 45 minutes = C90. I believe the 90 minutes time brings you the special listening experience! And the cassette have 21 page booklet of text. You can read what he says in the text.

Please visit his website and read his descriptions, besides the other participated artists.

The another is released on Fragment Factory that is really important label for me. because this label releases my first solo in 2010. Though it's very small edition 50 copies, I'm proud the release. This time, the new solo release is as C26 with title "One Intensely Eats Up Another Economic Principle".
This cassette have unique artworks, I made the printed sheets for sleeves that have unique bleeding with my painting method without hands. And they are all signed. I think it's the evidence of no same sheets. It is finally available on the label in the edition of 66 copies. I signed them all in Friday of January 13. Let's add 6 to hail Satan... In addition, the sleeve is not only the signed sheets, it has transparent j-card printed title and my description about making process and some credit.

You can order on the label FRAGMENT FACTORY .
Click the 'Releases' and then click again [FRAG21]. I'm really satisfied this release with new trial in artworks.

By the way, I don't upload the both artwork images here at this moment because I don't want like to put the same images from others website anymore. After I received the copies, I will take photos and upload here. You can see them on the links now! Thank you for understanding!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Phamafabrik Recordings V4 arrived

The one of my recent sound contributions for the Slovenia based label Pharmafabrik Recordings ' label sampler titled "Fabriksampler V4" was arrived yesterday! The album is 2xCD edition separated in noisy side and ambient side.
It has really dense and rich content in wide variety of electronic music that is not only abstract and experimental avant sounds but consists of more musical elements. I feel awesome electronic noise to experimental electronica like composition from the disc 1. Disc 2 has more calm and sensitive ambient or drone tracks. Both discs are really really high quality. So, I highly recommend many people to buy and listen to the album! Also when you will get the album, you can see the very very well-designed inner sleeve!

Go to the label and buy it!(click the "fb v4" on the left list, to jump the album page). And read the short biography of individual artists!

- The introductions from the label website -
The compilation album features exclusive tracks from KK Null (Japan), Neven M. Agalma (Slovenia), Pharmakustik (Germany), Yoshihiro Kikuchi (Japan), Franck Vigroux (France), Nova deViator (Slovenia), Chris Wood (South Africa), Mutant Beatniks (UK), Vega Stereo (Russia), NRYY (Japan), Velge Naturlig (Portugal), Astma (Russia), Analog Concept (Russia), Fabio Orsi (Italy), Cezary Gapik (Poland), Prodvkt (Italy), Mike Browning (USA), Audioworx (Slovenia) and MaCu (Austria).

-track list-
disk 1:
01 KK Null - Metamorphosis de Toki
02 Neven M. Agalma - Treget
03 Pharmakustik - Distraktion C
04 Yoshihiro Kikuchi - Waves Of Vermiform
05 Franck Vigroux - Camera
06 Nova deViator - They Give Us Body
07 Chris Wood - `G._-^..: : Dr::ne
08 Mutant Beatniks - Whiteout !!!
09 Vega Stereo - Morning
10 NRYY - Sneaker Blues

disk 2:
11 Velge Naturlig - Transmortorium
12 Astma - IgE
13 Analog Concept - Aliens Love This Melody
14 Fabio Orsi - One's Own Eyes
15 Cezary Gapik - #0466
16 Prodvkt - Gamma Idroxibutrato
17 Mike Browning - Phantom Space
18 Audioworx - Karmadrone
19 MaCu - K.c.C
20 Untitled - Matrix§44¹

They are all great, though in fact there are the artists I hadn't known, but quality is assured!!!!
Special thanks to Simon of the label. I'm proud of that I could participated in such an great comp!!!!